Grey: The New Black

For those of you who have never seen Emperor’s New Groove, Kronk (the big guy) has been ordered by the evil Empress to get rid of the current Emperor, Kuzco (guy in bag down stream), so that she may take over the throne.  That’s where we find our troubled friend.  After he carries out what was ordered he begins to have second thoughts and discusses with his good side and bad side about his decision.

Now I know this is a little corny but have you ever found yourself in a situation where you go back and forth about if something is right to do?  There is a great difference between black and white and sadly most of us can’t seem to keep the two sides separate.  We tend to pick piece of white and black logic and mix them together to create a decision that is “right” for us.  This is the grey area.

When in making decisions in business, there are plenty of decisions made in the grey area.  I see it every day from “making a bluff” to get a client to do what you want to hiring illegal workers for the kitchen of your restaurant.  These decisions seem fine and manageable at first but eventually more grey decisions are going to have to be made to cover for the first.  The worst part is that in time you will be caught.  Then all your work goes down the drain and you are no longer reliable.

Relationships are key in business and you can’t build a network of relationship on grey decisions.  Trust is a must for relationships and grey decision destroy that trust.  Your relationships are also a network; all connected to each other.  One decision can affect the entire network.

Why risk damaging your network and reputation?  As hard as it may be, keep white and black separate and make the right decision.  Grey may look like a third option but it’s just the new black.


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