The New Guy

Do you remember what it was like to be in Elementary School?  Middle School?  High School?  Do you remember what it was like to be the new guy?  You, like many others, probably did anything to fit in.

Now do you remember starting your first job?  Still have to find a way to fit in, to build rapport with your co-workers.  The same happens for any new position when moving up the ladder in a company.  Whether a floor manager, general manager, district manager, or even as high as the CEO, being the new boss brings the same basic feelings as being the new kind in school.

However, being the new boss tends to bring out the same results.  We feel like we have to show the new crew that we are in charge.  This can lead to frustration and can actually gain you less respect.  Here are some DOs and DON’Ts when you’re the new boss:

  1. DON’T Change Everything – sometimes there are some things that need changing, but most of the time it’s just our selfish way of showing we are in charge.  The company (usually) has been around longer than you have so keep those procedures.
  2. DO Meet Your People – In many companies, the employees feel like they aren’t taken care of.  This happens mostly because they don’t know you.  Visit the offices and meet your employees, talk to them, ensure them you have the companies and their interest in mind.
  3. DON’T Be a Know-it-All – You may be the one in charge now, but even you don’t know everything.  If you don’t know something, ASK.
  4. DO Be Human – Your now Superman, no one is.  Be real with people.  It gives people a reason to trust you.

These are just the basics.  Just remember that you are still the same person, just with a new title.  All the title indicates is that you have more responsibilities.  If you know your company and stay real, your will succeed.



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