Life Is Limited

Can you imagine?  What if our speed limit signs looked like this?  I am someone who loves to drive fast.

What about you?  I bet, whether you drive fast or not, have days when traffic is too slow or you’re running late and wish you could go as fast as you would like.

Life can sometimes feel like we are held back by limits.

Society has a mentality that we should rid the world of limits; limits hold us back from our full potential.  While this can be true about some aspects of life, limits are also there to keep us safe.

Going back to the speed limit analogy, while it is fun to drive fast with the sunroof down and the wind in your hair, some roads are too dangerous to drive as you please.  If a turn is too tight, you could tip the vehicle.  If the road you are traveling is too narrow, you might misjudge the distance between you and the cross-traffic vehicle and hit them.  If in a neighborhood with lots of kids, you might not have time to react to the child who crossed the street without looking both ways.  Speed limits keep us safe.

Life has limits.  Don’t focus on how to get rid of them.  Focus on how to use them to succeed.  When you take the time in life to slow down, you usually make something extraordinary.


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